Association of Academic Women's Health Programs

3701 Sacramento #108, San Francisco, CA, 94118

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Principal Staff:

Molly Carnes, President
Dixie Horning
Tracy Weitz

Type of Organization: National Policy/Research/Education
Founded: 2003

Mission Statement:

The AAWHP strives to improve the health of all women through leadership in research, education, clinical care, and community partnerships.
In order to accelerate translation of research into clinical practice, health policy, and improved health, AAWHP provides a forum for discussion and collaborative, evidence-based action. AAWHP seeks to coalesce efforts of researchers in a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines including basic bench research, social science, population health, education, women studies, linguistics, history, organizational change, and others; clinicians and educators in multiple fields; policy makers; and community stakeholders. AAWHP promotes community-based participatory research and infuses formal and informal leadership development, role modeling and mentorship of women into all initiatives.

Subject Expertise:
Women’s health

Annual Meetings/Conferences: