Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc

2625 Pledmont Rd, NE Suite 56-510

Phone: (866) 537-8611| Fax: (866) 531-8612

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Principal Staff:
Stephanie M. Clark, National Director

Principal Staff 2:

Shanick Moore, National Program Coordinator

Principal Staff 3:

Tameeka Moody, National Affiliates Coordinator

Founded: 200

Mission Statement:
A national empowerment and advocacy movement created to identify and create opportunities to enhance the quality of life for single moms and their children as well as dispelling myths and stereotypes to redefine single moms in America. Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc. serves all single moms (teens and adults) from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds

Subject Expertise:
Leadership Development

Annual Meetings/Conferences: Project Single Moms Leadership Development Retreat (annually in May)