Women's Power Circles Ltd

9 Surrey Lane, Durham, New Hampshire, NH 03824

Phone: (603) 617-8348
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Principal Staff:

Ms. Rosjke Hasseldine

Founded: 2008
Total Members: 550

Mission Statement:
At Women's Power Circles we use circle principles to empower women and girls to speak their truth, create nurturing lives and relationships, tell their female history, and strengthen the mother-daugheter relationship.

Subject Expertise:
Facilitating Women's Power Circles, Teaching women how to facilitate Women's Power Circles and Girls' Power Circles, Women's and Girls' Empowerment, Mother-Daughter Relationships

Annual Meetings/Conferences:
Free tele-circles, training courses 

Key Publications: 
Articles on women's empowerment and the mother-daughter relationship are available at www.thesilentfemalescream.com 

"The Culture of Female Service," Policy Review Magazine, www.policyreview.co.uk/articles, Issue 7, March 2010

"Why are women so critical of each other?"  The f word online magazine, www.thefword.org.uk, June 2008

"The Silent Female Scream," Women's Bookshelf Publishing, UK, 2007

"Lifting the veil on mothers and daughters,"  The f word online magazine, www.thefword.org.uk, March 2007