Equal Visibility Everywhere, Inc.

Washington, DC

Phone: (301) 325-6976| Fax: (202) 462-7680
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Principal Staff:

Dr. Lynette Long, President
Suzanne Scoggins, Director of Communications

Founded: 2010

Mission Statement:
EVE is a group of people committed to creating Equal Visibility Everywhere for women. We are a brand-new (March 2010) not-for-profit dedicated to achieving gender parity in the symbols and icons of the United States.

Eve will work to change the culture and face of America one symbol at a time. We will:

  • encourage state legislators to add more statues of women to National Statuary Hall;
  • suggest women for the U.S. Postal Service to commemorate on stamps;
  • propose that municipalities name streets and buildings after prominent female citizens, and persuade school systems nationwide to increase the number of schools named after women;
  • encourage the government and private sector to include women in the celebrations of our nation's heritage
  • analyze the gender ration of monuments and memorials on the local, state and national level, and encourage greater representation of women;
  • advocate the full and fair treatment of women and women's history in our nation's musuems;
  • urge our government to include more women's images on our coinage and to print a second set of paper money featuring images of great American women; and
  • educate the private sector regarding the lack of female images in media representations.

Subject Expertise:
Gender Parity in Our Nation's Symbols and Icons