National Crittenton Foundation

1750 SW Harbor Way, Suite 450, Portland, Oregon 97201

Phone: (503) 297-2217 | FAX: (503) 297-1277


Principal Staff:
Jeannette Pai-Espinosa, President
Jessie Domingo-Salu, Director of Programs and Communications
Holly Weems, Director of Resource Development

Founded: 1883

Mission Statement:
The National Crittenton Foundation supports the empowerment, self-sufficiency, and the end of cycles of destructive behaviors for girls, young women and their families who live at the margin of the American Dream.

Subject Expertise:
Young women survivors of childhood abuse and violence recovering from trauma. Most are in foster care, juvenile justice, homeless and many are young mothers. Most are of color and nearly all live in poverty. Increasing numbers have been trafficked for sex in the USA.

26 Affiliated Members, who provide services in 31 states and the Distric of Columbia

Rights and Resources Handbook