NEW Non-Profit Organization - Equal Visibility Everywhere (EVE)

Equal Visibility Everywhere (EVE), is a “not-for-profit organization dedicated to achieving gender parity in the symbols and icons of the United States.” EVE’s “focus is on highlighting women’s history and achievements, eliminating gender bias in our nation’s symbolism and cultural representations, and providing empowering role models for girls and women.”

Simply put, EVE has taken on a momentous task of addressing the lack of female representation in our country. By bringing to light and introducing into mainstream contemporary culture the many women who have helped to shape this country through their hard work and achievements, EVE seeks to change the face of our nation, and in effect, develop a cohort of women and young girls who feel empowered and exemplified in our society.

The disparity between women and men is shown through such outlets as the newspaper, passports, currency, stamps, coinage, DC street signs, DC traffic circles, monuments and memorials, National Statuary Hall, etc. Within each of these outlets, women are severely under-represented as compared to men. For example, the number of women portrayed in National Statuary Hall is 9 out of 100 (9%); the number of stamps honoring women issued by the U.S. Postal Service from 2000 to 2009 is 43 out of 206 (21%); the number of female character balloons in the 85 years of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is 10 out of 108 (9%); the number of national memorials in Washington D.C. specifically honoring women is 1 out of 45 (2%); the number of women depicted on U.S. paper currency is zero, and the number of U.S. national holidays named after women is zero.

In order to increase the number of women being honored in this country, EVE has developed eight Project Areas: Statuary Hall; Stamps; Streets & Buildings; Celebrations; Monuments & Memorials; Museums; Currency; and Media.

Dr. Lynette Long, the President of EVE, has dedicated much of her professional career to enhancing girls’ empowerment and fighting to eliminate gender issues. In so doing, she has authored twenty books and has developed many initiatives to highlight the success of women and girls all over our nation. Through the development of EVE, Dr. Long will continue to work for the empowerment of our generation and continue to create a sense of self-worth and belonging amongst our nation’s most under-represented and under-appreciated citizens.