MANA, A NATIONAL LATINA ORGANIZATION AND TIDE® PARTNER TO HONOR AND EMPOWER HISPANIC WOMEN IN LOS ANGELES Procter & Gamble (P&G) and its Tide brand are supporting MANA’s efforts to reach out to Hispanic women for a better future with the “Tide Thank You” Workshops Washington, DC March 29, 2006 – MANA, A National Latina Organization (MANA), announced today their partnership with P&G and its Tide brand to organize “Tide Thank You” financial education workshops to help empower Hispanic women in the Los Angeles area and recognize the important role they play in ensuring their families’ well-being. The seminars are designed to promote financial literacy among female heads of households by helping them to better manage their family’s financial needs. There will be a special luncheon to recognize the participants. The majority of Hispanic women work outside the home and then arrive home to work a "second shift" in attending their family’s needs. This non-remunerated work can go largely unrecognized in a culture where mothers are expected to take good care of their children, husbands and even extended family. They work tirelessly making sure that their loved ones are cared for by ensuring their health, cleaning their home, cooking the food that they like, taking care of the laundry and other chores. Tide and MANA want to recognize the positive emotional, physical and economic impact they have on their families. Even when mothers do not receive a paycheck for this work, it represents an implicit financial benefit for the family. Although it is difficult to assign a price tag on the annual salary a stay-at-home mom would earn for the activities she carries out in the home, research analysis conducted by the compensation experts at revealed that today’s 5.4 million stay-at-home moms in the US would earn $131,471 in annual salary. Stay-at-home mom’s work an average of 100 hours per week caring for their children, coordinating meals and organizing trips to dance lessons, soccer practice, etc. The survey shows that the average mom works six 15 hour days and one 10 hour day, which includes multiple duties of a cook, housekeeper, nurse, teacher and sometimes chauffer. Additionally, most mothers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with only a little, if any, time for themselves. “This partnership will support MANA’s mission to strengthen Latinas as community leaders” says Alma Morales Riojas, President & CEO of MANA. “The workshops will be conducted by MANA financial trainers to bring Latinas together in the Los Angeles area to teach them invaluable lessons that will allow them to manage their home finances more effectively.” “P&G and its Tide brand are proud to sponsor this program with MANA. The workshops will enable Hispanic women to gain the financial skills they need to better manage their family’s affairs,” said Anelsie Ramos, Hispanic External Relations Manager for Tide. “We are aware of the demands Hispanic moms face generally as silent income providers and hope to extend our gratitude and acknowledge their often unrecognized hard work by providing them with this opportunity to obtain access to basic financial education.” The workshops will take place at the Amigos Family Lodge Hall, 1117 Goodrich Blvd. Los Angeles, CA on April 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and consist of short seminars specifically directed to present and discuss basic financial issues affecting Latinas nationwide. Participants will receive educational financial literacy information that will enable them to manage their household affairs more effectively. Representatives from the national and local levels of both entities will launch the first workshop in Los Angeles. Alma Morales Riojas, MANA’s President & CEO, Lidia Martinez, MANA National Board Member and Ingrid Rivera, P&G Multicultural Communication Leader will be among the women present in support of the event. The seminars are free and open to the public, therefore, space is limited. For more information or to RSVP please call toll free at 1- 866-833-0060 or visit About Tide Please visit for helpful product information, practical tips on laundry care, special offers and promotions, updated fabric care articles, and an interactive Stain Detective, which provides official Tide stain removal solutions. About MANA MANA, A National Latina Organization, is a nonprofit, advocacy organization headquartered in the nation's capital, Washington, D. C. With chapters across the country, it is the oldest National Latina membership organization in the United States. MANA, whose mission is to empower Latinas through leadership development, community service, and advocacy, envisions a national community of informed Latina activists working to improve the quality of life for all Hispanics. MANA also has the only national young Latina's mentoring program for girls 11 to 17, "HERMANITAS®" which brings over 100 girls to Washington DC to a summer institute that includes a briefing at the White House and a visit to the girls' Congressional representatives. For information on MANA, A National Latina Organization please visit: or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .