9to5 Membership Drive - Help Us Build the Working Women's Movement!

Membership Drive 2010 - Off to a Great Start

9to5's Membership Drive began on February 1st and already Chapters across the country have had great success in recruiting new members to join the working women's movement.

If you are already a member of 9to5, then you know that being a part of our organization not only connects you to a nationwide network of women and activists who care about working women's issues, but empowers you to become an agent for change by sending you action alerts and e-mail updates on important legislation, inviting you to local and national leadership conferences, and much more. Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member. Getting Your Friends to Join - Recruitment Tips

Telling friends and family why you support 9to5 is the best way to spread the word about our work, but here are a few more Recruiting Tips to help you reach out to those around you who may be interested joining:

Who Will Join If You Ask?

  • People who share 9to5's beliefs and values: Think of people in your life who believe in expanding family and medical leave; people who needed to take medical leave and couldn't take it; women who have experienced problems on the job such as sexual harassment or discrimination and did not know where to turn; or women who care about family friendly work policies.
  • People who know you - family and friends: Ask people who care about the issues that are important to you and who support the work that you do.
  • People who join other groups: Friends who already belong to other women's, community and labor groups understand the value and importance of organizations.
  • People whose organizations you have supported in the past: If you've bought Girl Scout cookies, attended a Pampered Chef party or supported school candy sales of friends or co-workers, they will likely return the favor.
  • Working Women in your daily life: Your letter carrier, childcare worker, hairdresser, office worker- will understand the importance of our issues and work.

How to Join

Click here to visit the Membership Page on the website, and send friends the link to 9to5.org/membership to make joining as easy as possible!

Visit our Facebook Causes Page to join and donate.

To find information on special joining rates, gift incentives, scholarship memberships, and more recruitment tips, click on the attachments below.