Task Forces

NCWO's Task Forces bring together the leading women's experts for strategy and policy discussions concerning:

  • Women's Health, which exists to help support the work that NCWO member organizations are doing to advance women's health, as well as to promote NCWO's health care policy agenda;
  • Global Issues, which is working with Ambassadors and Embassies from around the world on promoting women's issues;
  • Corporate Accountability, and its "Women on Wall Street" project, which recently won a major class action suit under the leadership of Martha Burk;
  • Media and Technology, our newest Task Force, which led the charge during the Don Imus scandal and continues to work on racism and sexism in the media and new technologies.
  • Older Women and Economic Security (OWES), which is actively working to protect Social Security from privatization and other issues;
  • ERA, which is now focused on the new Women's Equality Amendment