Turning Anger into Change

7215 Chestnut Street, Chevy Chase, MD, 20815

Phone: (301) 654-0176 | Fax: (301) 654-0176
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Principal Staff:

Marty Langelan, president

Type of Organization: National Policy/Research/Education
Founded: 1985

Mission Statement:

Call us for research, training, and information on effective techniques to confront and stop all forms of sexual/racial/anti-gay harassment, sexual assault, street harassment, bullying, and school/workplace/community violence.  We offer a full spectrum of violence-intervention skills, including
 self-defense classes for women, children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Subject Expertise:
Sexual harassment. Racial, ethnic, and gay-bashing harassment. Street harassment. Sexual assault. Effective self-defense skills and strategies. Urban safety strategies. Bystander intervention skills. 
Workplace, school, and community violence. Effective verbal intervention techniques to stop bigots and bullies. Nonviolence, peace-keeper, and civil-disobedience training.

Annual Meetings/Conferences: