Society for Women’s Health Research

1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 601, Washington, DC, 20036

Phone: (202) 223-8224 | Fax: (202) 833-3472
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Principal Staff:

Phyllis Greenberger, President and CEO
Mary V. Hornig, COO & CFO 

Type of Organization: National Grassroots/Advocacy
Founded: 1990

Mission Statement:

The Society for Women’s Health Research is the nation’s only non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of all women through research, education and advocacy. Founded in 1990, the Society brought to national attention the need for the appropriate inclusion of women in major medical research studies and the need for more information about conditions affecting women disproportionately, predominately, or differently than men. The Society advocates increased funding for research on women’s health; encourages the study of sex differences that may affect the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease; promotes the inclusion of women in medical research studies; and informs women, providers, policy makers and media about contemporary women’s health issues. Visit the Society’s Web site at for more information.

Subject Expertise:
Women´s health

Annual Meetings/Conferences:
Sex and Gene Expression (SAGE) Gala Dinner