Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy and Action

720 7th Street NW Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20001

Phone: (202) 543-9570 | Fax: (202) 543-9570
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Principal Staff:

David Jaffe, Executive Director
Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D., Policy Director
Melanie J. Morris, Policy and Communications Consultant 

Type of Organization: National Policy/Research/Education
Founded: 2000

Mission Statement:

To advance the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority.

Subject Expertise:
Public policy and advocacy on eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, EDs not otherwise specified). Access to care, treatment and research funding for eating disorders

Annual Meetings/Conferences:
Congressional Briefings on Eating Disorders, EDC Lobby Days and EDC Awards Dinner