Women’s Groups Join Forces to Protect Health and Economic Rights

By: Ashley Horne 

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, on August 26th, women’s groups are coming together to protect our Health and Economic Rights and to encourage women to vote in 2012.  Out vote has never been more important, and it seems only appropriate to get out the vote on the 91st anniversary of the 19th Amendment and woman’s suffrage.

Many of our most important achievements are under attack by federal, state and local elected officials.  Women’s organizations have watched the “War on Women” play in the media and we have fought back individually. Now a large coalition of organizations has joined forces to counter these attacks on women.

The National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) is pleased to joinHERvotes and the fight to protect women’s Health and Economic Rights. As a coalition representing millions of American women, we can use our collective voice to mobilize women voters in 2012.

Beginning Thursday, August 25th, the HERvotes coalition is spreading our message through a blog carnival and grassroots activism. As a collective voice, we are telling women not to give up or to lose faith in the government, but rather to VOTE for officials who support YOU! In 2008, women had a higher voter turnout rate than men. Let’s turn this gender gap into a referendum on women’s rights!

Help us protect the top 10 historic laws that impact women all across America.

If we don’t counter the “War on Women”:

  • Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are at risk of being cut or eliminated. This would leave millions of women without financial security and vital health services.
  • Title X family planning programs will be eliminated throughout the country. This year, we’re seeing more attacks on Roe v. Wade than at any time since 1973.
  • The Violence Againist Women Act (VAWA) might not be reauthorized before it expires at the end of 2011.
  • The Affordable Care Act might be repealed and women and girls of all ages will lose vital healthcare services.  This includes well woman visits, contraceptives, mammograms and cancer screenings, prenatal care and counseling for domestic violence victims.

We need you! Join the fight to protect our Health and Economic Rights. As a coalition, we can educate and bring women to the polls in 2012. Our voices can make a difference.


Ashley Horne is the Director of Programs and Policy for the National Council of Women’s Organizations.

For more information on HERvotes and the list of historic laws at risk, please reference http://msmagazine.com/HERvote/.

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