NCWO Calls on Disney to Stand With Dana

Thank you, Dana. You spoke out, you shared your story with the world, you called out a corporate giant.

The statements made by Disney employees who should have been helpful and supportive were instead condescending and harmful to people of all genders.  An attempt to report a sexual assault should not lead to “an endless loop of transferred calls”. The “complaint” should not be merely “noted” in a counselor’s file.  A company that claims to “strive to create an optimal employee experience” and prohibits employees from harassing other employees should be ashamed of this incident.

We call on Disney to:

  • do everything in its power to investigate the incident and ensure justice for Dana.
  • enact/strengthen policies that allow employees to easily report sexual assault, harassment, etc.
  • train all employees to effectively and properly respond to sexual assault/harassment cases in a way that seeks justice and leaves the victim free from blame.
  • foster a company culture that does not tolerate rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, or victim-blaming of any kind.

We recognize that rape can happen anywhere and to anyone and that sharing one’s story is incredibly difficult. NCWO represents more than 12 million women across the country and every single one of us stands with you, Dana. We hope Disney will, too.

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