National Council applauds appointment of first woman director of the U.S. Secret Service

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National Council applauds appointment of first woman director of the U.S. Secret Service

Washington, D.C. March 27 – The National Council of Women’s Organizations, a nonpartisan coalition of 240 progressive women’s groups representing 12 million American women, today commended President Obama for appointing the first woman director of the U.S. Secret Service.

“We celebrate Julia Pierson’s selection as the first woman in 148 years to head the Secret Service,” said NCWO Chair Susan Scanlan.  “This is well-earned recognition of an outstanding agent with thirty years of exemplary performance at the agency. Congratulations to the President for empowering an outstanding and deserving woman to break yet another significant barrier to equal employment!”

In a statement accompanying his announcement, President Obama described Pierson: “Julia is eminently qualified to lead the agency that not only safeguards Americans at major events and secures our financial system, but also protects our leaders and our first families, including my own. Julia has had an exemplary career, and I know these experiences will guide her as she takes on this new challenge to lead the impressive men and women of this important agency.”

Pierson currently is the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Chief for the United States Secret Service. She has been a Secret Service agent for over 30 years after beginning her career in Florida.

“We look forward to great things from Director Pierson,” Scanlan said.  “The Council is grateful for her service to country, for the example she sets for girls and young women, and for the leadership she will provide the dedicated male and female agents in the Secret Service.



The National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) is the nation’s oldest and largest coalition of women’s groups.  Our 240 member organizations represent women from all socioeconomic and demographic groups, and collectively represent more than twelve million women nationwide.  Member groups include grassroots, research, and advocacy organizations dedicated to political, social and economic progress for women.

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