Take Action: Tell Domino’s To Stop Joking About Rape

By: Dani Nispel,  Program and Policy Intern
National Council of Women’s Organizations

As domestic violence and sexual assault continue to be ignored and belittled by politicians and lawmakers across the country, we need all the support we can get. Unfortunately, there’s a marketing campaign out there by Domino’s Pizza that’s doing exactly the opposite. The campaign started back in April, but hasn’t gotten too much attention. A few days ago, Feministing highlighted it on their blog, but we need more attention. This is unacceptable and we need Domino’s to recognize that making light of rape and sexual assault when every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted, is not okay.

Their Artisan Pizza has the slogan “No is the New Yes.” It’s meant to convey that their specially crafted pizzas are just so perfect that if you ask to change a topping, they’ll say no. I’m not a fan of that whole campaign to begin with, but the problem is that rape is supposed to be funny here–rape culture is how they’re trying to sell us pizzas.

We really can’t accept anymore advertising that demeans women and supports violence against women. Rape culture in our advertising, along with the sexualization of women’s abused and battered bodies is especially troubling. Making violence against women look sexy and then joking about how consent means nothing: a recipe for disaster.

We need rape jokes to not be a viable marketing campaign.

Think this doesn’t have real-life implications? Remember a year ago when a Yale University fraternity was banned after chanting “No means yes, yes means anal”?

So what can you do?

Call Domino’s customer service at 734-930-3030 and tell them that rape is never a joke. We want them to end this campaign immediately and apologize for making light of sexual assault.

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